Our centres support positive learning experiences, in a warm, fun and friendly atmosphere which will foster each child’s sense of self-worth, nurture positive group relationships and encourage cooperative and collaborative behaviour. Our company places high standards on providing a learning program that is responsive to children’s ideas, interests, strengths and abilities, learnt through play.

An importance is put on childhood as a time of belonging, being and becoming. We believe all children learn through different stimulus and should be part of a supportive and equipped environment, which encourages and stimulates children’s ability to learn.

We recognise that children experience life at their own level. We support this by accepting each child for their uniqueness and challenging their own interests, talents and abilities. Our centre’s environments promote each child’s sense of autonomy by providing choices.

We understand that play provides the foundation for learning as it allows children to make sense of their world, play is the natural way to learn. Play is self-initiated, spontaneous, a way of finding out about people, a way of learning to interact and communicate with people, a means of thinking, a means of developing and practicing skills, an opportunity for children to use their curiosity to explore, experiment, and test ideas, and aid to developing concentration, a way of nurturing creativity and a means of self-expression.

Play also provides the basis for academic learning skills to develop. Reflecting the experience that children learn through active involvement in their environment and that learning requires thinking and hands on experience. Through play, children make discoveries, construct knowledge and express themselves providing the foundations of learning for the future.

Children attending our long-day care centres or OOSH services will be immersed in a learning world of excellence enhanced through modern facilities and highly trained motivated team of staff who are dedicated to providing the most up to date early childhood developmental programs.

Our Educators will promote self-expression, exploration, experimentation, trial and error; critical thinking and opportunities to problem solve and practice new and already mastered skills.

·                    Opportunities to explore and learn using all their senses.

·                    Promote self-expression, exploration, experimentation, trial and error.

·                    Critical thinking and opportunities to problem solve and practice new and already mastered skills.

·                    Carers will work in strong partnership with families.

·                    We will provide a physically safe and emotionally secure setting.

·                    All of our services promote an OPEN DOORS POLICY.